The Di Calabria Cooking School

The Di Calabria Cooking School highlights educating the real Italian cooking, the home food preparation that you can only come across in a genuine Italian home.

The kitchen space is created for kneading doughs like pasta or bread, gnocchi or pasta frolla. We wish our students to sense their hands moving, to realize how drastically the "weather" can alter the texture of the dough - how a tiny touch of air here and there can modify everything when cooking pasta.

We want to offer more - more than a home to our scholars, more than a simple cooking school for people who cannot stop studying more and more. We want to offer you an authentic Italian adventure; we want our trainees to take in history, to take in that special Italian feel.

The most unique, fun, and direct way to spend an evening, our pasta-making course gives you a chance to appreciate a true, Italian experience. Your night will start as all great Italian nights do, with prosecco, aperitivo and a light discussion. You’ll be welcomed by the chef and have some time to chat with your member cooks on the patio before you start.

During the adventure we inspire you to ask as many questions as you like. This is your opportunity to learn about how to cook and eat like an Italian from a real professional – take full advantage of it.

Please visit us back soon to see the next course dates to sign up! See you soon...